Our Media Team at LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism- Hannover

Our  Media Team, Hala and Nadir,  showed his work at LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism that took place in Hannover from 15-19 June 2016. The short documentary created and presented by Hala and Nadir talks about  the ” Young Leaders for Syria” program, it’s organizer and participants . The short video  is based on interviews conducted during the unfolding of the first workshop of the program that was held in Hannover under the name “Understanding Identity and Overcoming Sectarianism”

“Young Leaders for Syria” will cover the area of conflict prevention and management as well as a professional/capacity building component: It will involve stakeholders from fields like administration, business, education, politics or the media, giving participants of the second and further phases the opportunity to gather practical experience in different professional areas, engage in expert discussions, develop ideas and form reliable cross-sectorial networks. Participants will also be provided with a platform of communication within the emerging group. The program is thereby aiming to build Syrian leadership potential for a future, democratic transition and reconstruction of the future Syrian state.

By Cameo Kollektive:
Die Arbeit „Young Leaders for Syria“ erzählt von einem Workshop, der Syrer*innen mit verschiedenen religiösen Bekenntnissen und ethnischen Gruppen hier in Deutschland an einen Tisch bringt. Ziel ist es, eine Lösung für den jetzt schon seit fünf Jahren anhaltenden Krieg zu finden – sowie einen demokratischen (Wieder-)Aufbau des syrischen Staates mit Hilfe aller gesellschaftlichen Gruppen anzustrengen.
CASTING & REGIE: Hala Kotrash, Nader Ismail
SPRECHERIN: Hala Kotrash
UNTERSTÜTZUNG: Citizen Diplomat for SyriaEuropean Foundation for DemocracyFriedenskreis Syrienweiterlesen

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