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Citizen Diplomats for Syria was founded to continue the quest for change and prepare the future transition to democracy and rule of law in Syria. Citizen Diplomats for Syria aspires to help the community by actively fighting radicalization and providing help for the integration of the newcomers (short/ middle term goals), with the aim contributing to the capacity building for the future reconstruction of Syria (long term goal). We are actively engaging in debate since November 2014, the date of the inauguration of our NGO. As Syrians, we are trying to reinvent ourselves and develop sustainable forms of civic engagement and dialogue within the Syrian community and with the host society.

We are working towards integrating people of different backgrounds, members of different groups in our debate. We update our political partners – stakeholders and decision makers from the Foreign Office as well as from a broadly understood political spectrum on the federal and the state level – about the situation in Syria. We engage in debates over the refugee question and integration with partners from politics, economy and civil society and work on programs to foster dialogue and prevent radicalization among the Syrian community. To that aim, we are building networks and, with partners, conceptualize workshops that will help us realize our aims. Of particular importance is the “Young Leaders for Syria Program” that we are developing in cooperation with partners. The idea of the program is to build capacity through integration and empower the participants to be active civilians with experience in democratic engagement and sectors relevant for transition.

Through its network and extensive public relations, Citizen Diplomats for Syria is aiming to bring together intellectual potential to create a sustainable vision, HOPE and a new perspective for a future peaceful Syria.

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