Young Leaders for Syria: Building Capacity for the Syrian Transformation

Module 1 – Understanding Identity and and Overcoming Sectarianism

War in Syria has just entered its fifth year, killing hundreds of thousands of people and driving millions from their homes, many of them into exile. Increasingly, conflict lines are being identified with lines between religious denominations and ethnic groups. This narrative makes interaction between members of different groups increasingly difficult – be it within the country or in the places of exile. However, any future democratic (re)construction of the Syrian state requires the active involvement of all Syrians. In the long run, only a Syrian force will be able to build a sustainable statehood and hold Syria together. Participation of all groups of society is essential to ensure…..Read More

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Organized by: Young Leaders for Syria team:  Citizen Diplomats for Syria,European Foundation for DemocracyFriedenskreis Syrien

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