Young Leaders for Syria: Building Capacity for the Syrian Transformation

Module 1 – Understanding Identity and and Overcoming Sectarianism

War in Syria has just entered its fifth year, killing hundreds of thousands of people and driving millions from their homes, many of them into exile. Increasingly, conflict lines are being identified with lines between religious denominations and ethnic groups. This narrative makes interaction between members of different groups increasingly difficult – be it within the country or in the places of exile. However, any future democratic (re)construction of the Syrian state requires the active involvement of all Syrians. In the long run, only a Syrian force will be able to build a sustainable statehood and hold Syria together. Participation of all groups of society is essential to ensure a true and lasting peace. The road may be long and the time frame impossible to determine, but preparations for post-conflict reconstruction need to start now. This involves those who have sought protection in Germany and other European countries. Syria needs active young citizens with the passion and a vision to rebuild their home country – but also with practical experience of civic participation in all sectors of a pluralistic and open society.

Within our workshop “Sectarianism and Identity”, we invite you to question stereotypes and look beyond sectarian and ethnical delineations. In interactive sequences, you will reflect upon issues of individual and group identities and how they are constructed. You will be trained in negotiation techniques that will enable you to articulate your needs and define shared interests. This will help to form an affirmative social environment that empowers individuals to make active and constructive contributions to the community.

The goal of this project is to develop a stance of active citizenship. We see this as one stepping stone on the way to preparing the future reconstruction of Syria in the post conflict phase. However, techniques acquired in the workshop will also provide you with instruments to actively engage with and co-shape your current local communities. To discuss this with experts and regional stakeholders, a panel open for the interested public will be included as an integral part of the program.


Young Syrians of diverse backgrounds aged 20-40 who have come to Germany in the last five years.


Applications in written form (CV maximum 2 Pages and an application form, Attached)

Applications should be sent to until 13.05.2016. Confirmation of admission will be sent by 23.05.2016


Friday, 3. until Monday, 6th, June 2016

Hannover, Germany. Selected participant will be informed with the place of the workshop on a later date.


Accommodation and travel expenses will be covered by the organisers.


The workshop will be conducted in Arabic and English (simultaneous translation provided).

For more organisational information or with any questions, please contact us

 Follow up:

The workshop is meant to be the first module in a structured programme “Young Leaders for Syria” which will cover the area of conflict prevention and management as well as a professional/capacity building component: It will involve stakeholders from fields like administration, business, education, politics or the media, giving participants of the second and further phases the opportunity to gather practical experience in different professional areas, engage in expert discussions, develop ideas and form reliable cross-sectorial networks. . Participants will also be provided with a platform of communication within the emerging group. The program is thereby aiming to build Syrian leadership potential for a future, democratic transition and reconstruction of the Syrian state.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, and in preparation for the second part of the program, participants will be able to apply for micro-grants by submitting projects proposals. Those will be evaluated by donors and the most deserving ones will receive funding. More details about the amount of the micro-grants and the criteria for applying will be provided to selected participants during the workshop.



Download the application form.

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