EU labour market integration of asylum-seekers and refugees – Eurofound National Cluster Seminar

Citizen Diplomats for Syria participated at the Eurofound fifth national level Cluster seminar on the topic of ‘EU labour market integration of asylum-seekers and refugees: Challenges and opportunities’ in Berlin on 29 November 2016.  The aim of these seminars is to facilitate debate on key areas of socio-economic policy and share best practice models. On this occasion, Eurofound brought together public authorities, worker representatives, employer representatives and relevant non-governmental organizations from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The focus of CDS’s contribution was on two formats developed by Citizen Diplomats for Syria presented as practical examples that shed light on what works well, factors facilitating and obstructing integration, as well as on challenges and consequences for the labor market. CDS thus had the chance to participate in the European debate on policies to maximize refugee integration. The two practical studies where drawing on experiences with the “Young Leaders for Syria” program and the workshop „Arbeits- und Ausbildungsleben in Hannover“…Read More

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